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Our register of Associate Artists already includes well over a hundred artists and we are working hard to make it a key source of information for schools looking for artists to work with. The aliss website also offers schools and other organizations the opportunity to advertise projects for artists. Applications for traineeships on a series of school residencies in the autumn and spring will soon be invited. These will give artists the opportunity to work with our Consultant Artists Chitraleka Bolar, Rachel Freeman, Maria Hayes, Jim Morris and Heather Waste, The eight-day programme includes five days’ work in school and three days of preparation, planning and evaluation.

Since publication, responses to the Handbook have been positive; it has been used not only by potential employers of disabled people, but also by arts professionals from other fields such as arts marketing to assist their understanding and develop their good practice. It has been praised by the DCMS as ‘an example of excellent practice and a source of guidance on the employment of people with disabilities’.

An update of the Handbook was produced in late 2002, and we are now able to disseminate free copies via regional disability contacts. Arts Council England, West Midlands has commissioned a research project into permanent public art and audiences. Over nine months, the group advanced new experiences and knowledge, and by drawing upon the group’s multi-skills in photography, performance, web, critical thinking, art actions, urban interventions and design, they evolved alternative ‘ways of seeing’ and understanding.

Spending time in the city observing and recording helped each member define for themselves – outside of their professional, job personas their attitude to, Best SEO Consultant and relationship with, public art. Such abandonment, of his and her professional mantel, such as concerns for cost, operational issues, local politics, planning, was not easy however, and, in consequence surprising things emerged. By the Autumn, having observed the everyday life of the city, the group were able to recognise the different qualities to experiencing.

Critically, they began to appreciate how public art is part of a competing visual landscape. Instead, it offers the reader a record of a meaningful piece of research for all those who participated; innovative ideas to stimulate new thinking about public arts, its development, its commissioning and its future; and encouragement to explore action research methods. Through considering ourselves as ‘audience’ we came to recognise that the concept of audience for public art cannot be imported from other performing arts or gallery based disciplines.

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These are Phoenix Hot Glass Studio, Hill Island Brewery, Steven Landles – Photographer, Bill Harris – Artist /Painter, Tracy Franklin – Embroiderer, and Hart Interior Design. This means that subscribers now instantly access over double the amount of opportunities online than in a-n Magazine.

The continuous online jobs service is updated by 5pm every Thursday and includes opportunities for artists, including awards, commissions, competitions, courses, events, exhibiting and selling opportunities, prizes, residencies and much more.

the Code of Practice for the Visual Arts booklet, plus discounts off specially selected services and supplies. Special price for UK artists is just £28 (£50 for organisations and individuals). The Forge is currently expanding its database of artists with experience Google Penalty Recovery Services of working in educational settings.

We are looking for an Administrator to work closely with the agency’s Director and Project Producer, schools, artists and other partners to deliver a programme of arts work. Applicants must have good office management and project coordination skills. The its office and promote antiracist education in North East schools, using the high profile of organisation is seeking an enthusiastic and highly motivated person for this challenging new position to organise professional football.

Based in its office in North Tyneside, you will be responsible for organising a team of volunteers to do work with our resources in schools in the North East. There will also be a certain amount of office organisation and recording of the work involved in the post.